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Untitled (Series), 2010

C-print on alu-dibond with matplexi

  1. Gold Golden Pheasant, 65*90 cm
  2. Leap Frog, 19*29 cm
  3. Seahawk, 19,5*24,5 cm
  4. Albatross,19,5*24,5 cm
  5. Epervier, 19,5*24,5 cm
  6. Silver Tiger Hound,40*49,7 cm
  7. Diamond, 25*25 cm
  8. Safraan, 25*25 cm
  9. Reindeer, 19,5*24,5 cm
  10. Mongoose, 19,5*24,5 cm
  11. Megaphone, 25*45 cm
  12. Steel Tiger, 19,5*34 cm
  13. Chromite Jacana, 70*100 cm
  14. Buzzard, 33*47 cm
  15. Desert Fox,33*47 cm
  16. Carnation, 33*47 cm
  17. Condor,19*29 cm

This project is based on the names of the military operations from the last 60 years.

The work consists of different kinds of military operations from all over the world including secret service operations, military equipment shipping operations, shooting war operations.

When we were investigating the names of the military operations, we have encountered with the names of special kinds of animals living in the operation area, or the animals like buzzard, tiger that have been used in history to symbolize the power. We have also seen the names of some valuable mines again symbolizing the power like gold or diamond.

All the related images are shown with a black background. By this way, they were taken out from the time and space content to create the illusion of silence and death.

  Untitled (Series)