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Perfect Couple, 2010

Framed photographs on wooden pedestal

92*75*75 cm

This work is about the Friedrich-Ebert Monument at the façade of Paul's Church in Frankfurt.

After the death of Friedrich Ebert in 1925, the first president of Germany, Richard Scheibe was invited to make a monument of him. Richard Scheibe was the director of the Städelschule at that time and he was mentioned as one of the Nazi artists until he begun a new carrier after 1946.

The monument of the Friedrich Ebert was finished and placed at the façade of the Paul's Church in 1926. It stayed there until 1933. In 1933 the National Socialists took it down. Between 1933-1950 the pedestal of the monument at the facade of the Paul's Church stayed empty. In 1950, the second version of the monument was placed at the façade of the Church. The second version was also made by Richard Scheibe.

The new version of the monument can still be seen at the façade of the Paul's Church in Frankfurt and the old version is at the back garden of the History Museum in Frankfurt.

With our work “Perfect Couple”, we took the photographs of both old and new versions of the Friedrich-Ebert Monument and placed them on the 1 to 1 replication of the pedestal of the monument at the façade of the Paul's Church.

By this way, we would like to point on the gaps of the memories of the public space and the two different visualization of a monument in two different eras.

  Perfect Couple