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Balkon, 2008

Cupper, brass, wood, pebble, iron

570*503*230 cm

DVD, 15’26 min., loop

With the “Balkon”, we replicated (1/1) the speech balcony at the facade of the building of Faculty of Languages and History of Ankara University, in Ankara which was made by Bruno Taut between 1936-38 and bring it together with the speech balcony of the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt which was made between 1987-1991 by Hans Hollein, around 50 years later than the one in the university building in Ankara.
Conspicuously, this time the speech balcony of the museum is located in the building and facing to the big hall where the opening speeches of the exhibitions are made. Although both of the balconies have never been used except the opening ceremonies of the buildings, the meaning that they imply and the possibility of being used remains.

Installation view: Museum für Moderne Kunst-Zollamt


© Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt